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Join Dr. Xavier Amador, world renowned clinical psychologist and author of I AM NOT SICK, I Don’t Need Help, for the LEAP® Regional Training event in Detroit, MI on Jan 10-12, 2019—in partnership with NAMI.

The course teaches family members, peers, mental healthcare and criminal justice professionals, how create an alliance with people who have serious mental illness and anosognosia—a symptom that leaves a person unable to understand that s/he is ill, resulting in treatment refusal, noncompliance, and conflict with loved ones and professionals.

LEAP® is an evidence based-approach that provides communication tools to:

  • Lower anger, paranoia & avoidance
  • Quickly establish trust & compliance
  • Avoid involuntary hospitalization & criminalization

LEAP® Course (Thu, Jan 10) 

Open family, peers and professionals who want to learn the LEAP® approach.

Train-the-Trainer Certification Course (Fri, Jan 11 & Sat, Jan  12) 

For those interested in becoming certified trainers to teach LEAP® within their organizations and communities, a follow-up certification course will take place—Friday will be for professionals only, and Saturday for family and peers only.


Space is Limited | Early-bird ends Dec 14

We look forward to seeing you there.