Our Educational Chairperson is Mary Mobley. Mary leads many educators in our affiliate in several programs. Our other educators are listed below

  • Denise Koeper
  • Betty Walker
  • Pamela Squire
  • Patricia Hornick
  • Dale Curtis
  • Thomas Dooley
  • Patricia Ward
  • Michelle Alber
  • Damhan Squire
 Our affiliate is primarily involved in three NAMI Signature programs:


Family-to-Family is a free class designed for those who love someone with a mental illness. It provides an introduction to mental health concepts and is a great place to meet people in similar situations.

Parents & Teachers As Allies

PTA is a presentation given to parents and teachers to provide helpful information on supporting students with mental health issues.

Learn About Mental Illness

The website at NAMI National has much information about various mental health diagnoses. If you or a loved one has a mental health diagnosis and want to learn more about it, find some basic information by clicking here.