Our Educational Chairperson is Mary Mobley. Mary leads many educators in our affiliate in several programs. Our other educators are listed below

  • Denise Koeper
  • Betty Walker
  • Pamela Squire
  • Patricia Hornick
  • Dale Curtis
  • Thomas Dooley
  • Patricia Ward
  • Michelle Alber
  • Damhan Squire
 Our affiliate is primarily involved in two NAMI Signature programs:


Family-to-Family is a free class designed for those who love someone with a mental illness. It provides an introduction to mental health concepts and is a great place to meet people in similar situations.


Connection is a support group for people with mental illness. Facilitators are trained by NAMI to guide conversations in a healthy and validating way for all who attend.

Learn About Mental Illness

The website at NAMI National has much information about various mental health diagnoses. If you or a loved one has a mental health diagnosis and want to learn more about it, find some basic information by clicking here.