NAMI of Kent County is a local affiliate of NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness.


NAMI is a national organization that works on multiple fronts to help those with mental illness and their families. Some highlights:

  • We educate through our websites, meetings, and other programs
  • We support both those with mental illness and their families
  • We Advocate on every level (national, state, local) to create a better society for people with mental illness


So what does this mean on the local level?

  • We have General Meetings with speakers picked to educate our community about local resources
  • We have a number of support groups, from our general support group, to classes such as NAMI Family to Family.
  • We follow local and state politics and advocate for the needs of people with mental illness. such as the need for CIT training among police forces.

Our Board – Officers

Pamela is the president of our board
Neil Shepard is our vice president
Natalie Wagner is our treasurer
Carol Snyder is our secretary
Lisa Tamblyn-Bergman is our education director
Our board meets on the first Tuesday of some months. All are welcome to attend, though only board members may vote.